Wide Womens Shoes and Boots

Why Buy Wide Womens Shoes?

Most women love to shop for shoes, that is as long as they have a normal size foot. For the women with wider than normal feet, this can be an issue, especially finding wide womens shoes. Far too frequently, many women discover they are not able to find women’s wide shoes in many retail shoe shops. Even when they find wide width shoes, the variety of styles are usually very limited and not particularly attractive. This is due to the majority of retail outlets carrying a very limited range of wide womens shoes.

Part of the problem is age; as we age everything expands, including our feet! The wide width womens shoes are designed to  help us easily fit into the latest fashion shoes and boots with comfort and style. This type of footwear is a must-have for any lady who is older or has been pregnant.

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Slaves To Fashion & The Move To Wide Womens Shoes

It may be surprising to learn that ladies tend wear the wrong size shoe or boot just to feel a little more comfortable. The problem is that narrow or regular shoes can be too painful to wear and when there is no selection of wide womens shoes available, so picking the wrong size seems like a good solution to the problem.

But certain styles and fashions are simply not suitable for wider footwear. The sleek and trendy pointy toed footwear, such as a stiletto does not really work  in wide womens shoes. It can be difficult or even impossible to find these style shoes in wider varieties and with good reason.  The design of these womens shoes just doesn’t look right in the extra width style. However don’t despair, with more and more women looking for wide width shoes these issues are starting to be addressed.

Ill Fitting Shoes Lead to Problems & Why You Need Wide Womens Shoes

Selecting the right size shoe is not only a matter of comfort and fit it also affects the health of your feet as well. Recent medical studies have found that many people suffer with foot issues at some time in their lives and 70% of older people have some form of foot problems. In many of these cases the problem was so severe they visited the doctor. The leading cause of these problems are shoes that fit incorrectly.

Shoes that are too narrow could cause a number of different problems and issues. One of the most serious of these problems are that when shoes are too narrow they compress the balls of the feet together casing the nerves to be pinched. This is called  a neuroma and it can be quite painful. Some cases may require pain killing injections or even surgery. If left untreated it can lead to a loss of feeling and even when corrected this issue can return with continued use of poorly fitting shoes.

Other issues that can be caused by poorly fitting shoes are calluses or bunions. Calluses, while not painful can be unsightly and bunions can be extremely painful. All of these conditions can be avoided by wearing the correct size shoe. Many women made the mistake of thinking that by wearing a larger shoe it will be wide enough for a good fit. This just is not the case and selecting wide width shoes with the correct fit will avoid all of these problems. The good news now is that there is a wide range of wide width womens shoes available on the Internet and now that they are in greater demand shoe manufacturers are producing wide womens shoes in many fashionable styles.

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